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The Princess Durre Shehvar Hospital's Nephrology Department is committed to giving excellent treatment for kidney illnesses and disorders. Using cutting-edge technology and evidence-based therapies, our team of skilled nephrologists, nurses, and support personnel collaborate to diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of kidney diseases.


Complex kidney problems need very specific knowledge. Our Nephrology Department provides a wide array of services, such as:


🔹Evaluation of kidney disease: Our nephrologists provide extensive examinations to identify and treat a variety of kidney disorders, including as kidney infections, kidney stones, and acute and chronic kidney illnesses.

🔹Hemodialysis: For patients with end-stage renal disease, we provide hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis performed in-center.

🔹Kidney transplant: Both live and dead donor kidney transplants may be carried out at our nephrology department.

🔹Hypertension management: Management of hypertension is a speciality area for our nephrologists since it is a major contributor to kidney damage.

🔹Kidney stone management: Our team of professionals is qualified to identify and treat electrolyte and acid-base conditions that may impair kidney function.

🔹Glomerulonephritis: A category of kidney illnesses that affect the glomeruli, or the small filters in the kidneys, are treated specifically by our nephrologists.

🔹Nephrotic syndrome: We provide nephrotic syndrome diagnosis and treatment, a disorder that causes the kidneys to expel excessive amounts of protein in the urine.


At Princess Durre Shehvar Hospital, we are dedicated to delivering kind and patient-centered treatment since we recognise that kidney illnesses may significantly affect a patient's quality of life. To create individualised treatment programmes that match each patient's particular requirements and objectives, our staff collaborates closely with patients and their families. We think that improving outcomes for people with kidney illnesses requires early diagnosis, efficient treatment, and continued care.

We request to get in touch with us right away if you are seeing signs of a kidney problem or if you want to find out more about our nephrology department.  

Patients with kidney disease and associated disorders may get a variety of treatments from the Nephrology Department at Princess Durre Shehvar Hospital. Our team of skilled nephrologists, nurses, and support personnel collaborates to create individualised treatment programmes that take into account the particular requirements and objectives of each patient. A few of the treatments we provide are as follows:


1. Hemodialysis: It is a technique where waste materials and extra fluid are removed from the blood using a machine. It may be done three times a week for many hours each time, usually in a hospital or outpatient dialysis facility. The installation of an access point, such as a fistula or graft, is necessary for hemodialysis in order to enable the blood to be filtered.

2. Peritoneal dialysis: It is a kind of dialysis that is carried out by the patient at home. It entails inserting a catheter into the abdomen via which a particular fluid is delivered in order to eliminate waste materials and extra fluid from the blood. For certain individuals, peritoneal dialysis may be performed daily as an alternative to hemodialysis.

3. Kidney transplant: A kidney transplant is a process in which a healthy kidney from a donor is used to replace a sick or damaged kidney. For patients who could be candidates for kidney transplants, our nephrology department offers complete treatment, including assessment, guidance, and post-transplant care.

4. Medication management: To treat kidney disease and associated diseases, our team of nephrologists collaborates closely with patients to create individualised prescription regimens. This might include using drugs to treat symptoms, regulate blood pressure, and stop problems.

5. Nutritional advice: Food is a key component in managing renal disease. To assist patients manage their kidney disease and maximise their nutrition, our nephrology department offers tailored nutritional advice.


We provide a variety of minimally invasive treatments, such as those to remove kidney stones and treat urinary tract obstructions, for the management of kidney disease and associated diseases.


Our Nephrology Department at Princess Durre Shehvar Hospital is dedicated to giving patients with kidney disease and associated illnesses thorough, individualised treatment. In order to create treatment regimens that are specific to each patient's requirements and objectives, we work closely with them and their families. Please get in touch with us right away if you have kidney disease symptoms or if you want to know more about our nephrology department.

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